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perform his morning ablutions, and hold the 'small durbar' while
putting on the caste-marls. He would next enter the big
audience hall and recollecting what he had heard and seen
during his search of the city in the previous night, summon
Jansramayya. the talari and ask him about the happenings
in the city. The talari used to submit a report of everything
that occurred within the four walls of the city. If Jangam-
ayya?s report tallied with what he had seen or heard, he
would listen to it in silence. If, on the contrary, the talari
failed to give a true report,* he would liare up and say : " You
do not know the incident which happened in such a house
of such a row of such street in such a ward. Why should
we find fault with you ? Your talaritam and our kingship
are both excellent ! " The talari was frightened. He arranged
that his subordinates should patrol the streets day and night
even without food aud sleep, and communicate to THm every
minute (what was happening in the city). He wanted to
know who could have secretly carried tales against him to the
Ray a 5 but soon he learnt that the Raya gathered the infor-
mation from his own personal experience during his nocturnal
visits to the city and not from any tale-bearer. So, he
ordered his subordinates to watch vigilantly and report to him
the events happening in the city. He warned them that the
king would go at night into the city for the investigation (of
crime), and that they should take precautions to prevent the
occurrence of evil acts in the streets, and give him uo chance
to make enquiries. The talari accompanied by his friends
and subordinates, took up his position outside the chamber of
audience as soon as the Eaya retired at the close of the durbar
into the interior of the palace, and waited there until he came
out in disguise two ghadis after the closing of the gates. Then
he followed the Raya stealthily hiding himself cautiously here
and there. The Raya, (who noticed) talari Jangamayya,
accosted him and said : u We go through the town (eveiy
night), in pursuance of the programme of our

•The passage in the text iuu teltt-dxTbalamulv ielnpakapoft.— Literally It IBMOS <!£ fc»
fails to being out &• strength mod irealcaftes ia tie incidents.*            ,         . ,